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Default Off Email - STOP SPAM!

DOEmail is a FREE anti-SPAM solution that utilizes white and black lists - you get to decide who can (and can't) send you email. It's a bit like a "buddy list" in Instant Messenger applications. DOEmail maintains your own private whitelist -- if someone is on your whitelist (and not on your blacklist), then their email is delivered to you. So how does someone get added to your whitelist? There are three main ways:

  1. You can manually add a sender (e.g. or a whole domain (e.g. to your whitelist, so they can always send you an email. These senders will never need to know you are using DOEmail
  2. Everyone you send email to is automatically added to your whitelist; they don't know you are using DOEmail either
  3. If someone sends you an email and they are not on your whitelist (or blacklist) then DOEmail sends them a Confirmation Email (see example image below). By replying correctly to the Confirmation Email, they demonstrate that they are a real human, and not some SPAM-spewing computer.


In this way, DOEmail eliminates SPAM while delivering legitimate email to your inbox.

DOEmail's lists are very easy to maintain. For convenience we have created a Thunderbird Add-on that controls all the day to day activity that might be performed with DOEmail. If you do not use Thunderbird, don't worry -- DOEmail can be configured via a web interface too.

DOEmail has been developed as an alternative to bayesian and other filtering based anti-spam systems, to research and compare the effectiveness of a whitelist based service in the real world.

Interested in trying DOEmail? Click here for the Quick Start Guide. Also see our Overview for more information about DOEmail.

This project is being developed in the Computer Science department at Stanford University by David Erickson, a member of the High Performance Networking Group.