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The DOEmail project is currently being developed by David Erickson a member of the High Performance Networking Group at Stanford University, under the direction of Nick McKeown. The initial implementation of DOEmail was built by Martin Casado in the summer of 2006. Since then, various faculty, staff, students, and others have been using DOEmail to solve their anti-SPAM needs. Credit also goes to Michael Plumb for assistance with DOEmail's header graphic.

How does it work?

Please see the help section for an overview and in-depth documentation about DOEmail

Can I Use It?

Yes! Click here to sign-up for a free account. Questions, comments, and support related issues can be sent to David Erickson at the address listed below.


For questions regarding DOEmail, please contact David Erickson (

Special Thanks To...

  • Jay Kohn and Team - integration, support, promotion
  • Charlie Orgish - Server setup, CSL integration, promotion
  • Miles Davis - CS integration
  • Pat Burke - EE integration
  • David Mazières - Mail Avenger setup and support
  • reCAPTCHA Team - Used as our CAPTCHA mechanism