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Thunderbird Add-on User Guide

Importing Email Addresses and Domains

To help facilitate new users to DOEmail we have created a "Mass Import" feature to help you populate your access control lists with addresses from people that regularly send you email.

To access this window you first left click select the folder containing the email you would like to search through for addresses. Once the email has loaded in the thread pane, you then right click the folder, click the "DOEmail" menu item, then click "Mass Import Email Addresses...". This will launch the dialog window containing all the email addresses found in your email in that folder.

The Mass Import window is where you select email addresses that you would like to add to your email whitelist, mailing list whitelist, or email blacklist. You can select all or none using the buttons at the bottom, or select them individually by clicking the checkbox next to the address. If you want to remove addresses from view, either because you added them to a list, or do not want to add them to a list, select them, then click remove selected. You can also search for specific email address patterns by typing in the "Show Addresses Containing" text box at the top. For example if I was looking for mailing lists that I receive mail from, I could type "list" in the box at the top, and it would filter out email addresses not containing "list". To add your selected addresses to a list, select the list from the dropdown box at the bottom, then click add. When you are finished click the X in the top right corner of the window to close it.

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Using the DOEmail Window

Clicking the DOEmail icon on the toolbar will open the main dialog window for the add-on. It should look similar to this:

The tabs at the top of the window represent the different sections of information. Each tab has multiple columns of information, which are all sortable by clicking on them. In general to add to one of the white or blacklists you type what you are wanting to add in the add textbox, and select the list you are adding to in the dropdown box next to it, then click Add. To remove from a list, first select the row by left clicking, then right click and select Remove.

Whitelist Email Addresses, Blacklist Email Addresses, and Mailing List Whitelist all require a full email address of the form to be entered into the Add box. Whitelist Domains and Blacklist Domains accept a domain, ie:,,, etc. The Virtual Email Addresses tab accepts a valid address extension in the add box. A valid address extension consists of lower case letters and numbers. You can also enter a description to help you remember who this address is being given to. Further information on how these lists operate is available in the main DOEmail documentation.

The Pending Email tab shows the list of pending email held by DOEmail, sorted by date and grouped by sender. You can click the + next to a row to expand out the sender and view all the current email held from that sender. Once expanded you can see the individual email dates and subject lines. You can manually clear the email through DOEmail by right clicking the email choosing Approve Email. You can optionally whitelist the sender's email address or domain, or alternative you can manually delete the email, and/or blacklist the sender or domain at the same time. Further information on pending email is available here.

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Rule Column

After installing DOEmail you will notice a new column has been added to your email threaded view.

This column contains icons corresponding to which type of access control list rule this particular email matched when going through DOEmail's processing. These icons will only show up on email received after installing the DOEmail add-on. If you receive email after this point that does not have an icon, it may be a sign that some of your email is not going through DOEmail's processing, and you need to ensure it is being forwarded to your DOEmail email address. The key for the icons is as follows:

- Email From: address matched an Email Whitelist entry
- Email Sender confirmed this email, and is subsequently added to the Email Whitelist
- Email From: address matched a Domain Whitelist entry
- Email To: or CC: address matched a Mailinglist Whitelist entry
- Email Recipient matched a valid Email Virtual Address entry
- Email From: address matched an Email Blacklist entry*
- Email From: address matched a Domain Blacklist entry*
- Email went through DOEmail processing, but failed to match any entries*
* Only seen if DOEmail filtering is turned off

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Email Address Context Menus

There are various areas throughout Thunderbird where you can right click email addresses and get a DOEmail context menu. Through these menus you are able to add and remove email addresses and domains from your white and blacklists. Note if an email address matches a blacklist entry, you must remove that entry before the menu will allow you to add it to a whitelist.

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Compose Window

From the Compose window in Thunderbird where you create and send email, we have extended the email address entry areas to give you immediate live feedback on whether the listed email address is on any of your white or blacklists, or if it is an unknown address. Given this feedback, you can add the email address to one of your lists by simply highlighting it and then right clicking it and clicking the appropriate menu option. If you are not seeing an icon pop up next to the address try clicking in the subject or message body area.

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Future Features

Many further features are in development, and the documentation will be updated once they are live. If you are in need of support please see the about link at the bottom of the page, then go the the Contact section on that page.

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