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Thunderbird Add-on Quick Install Guide

  1. Download the current version from here to your computer
  2. Open Thunderbird, click the Tools menu, click Add-ons [image]
  3. On the Add-ons window click Install [image]
  4. Select the DOEmail add-on file you just downloaded, then click Open [image]
  5. Wait for a few seconds then click Install Now [image]
  6. Restart Thunderbird when prompted [image]
  7. After restarting Thunderbird, click the Tools menu at the top, click Add-ons [image]
  8. Select the DOEmail add-on row by left clicking it, then click options (preferences in Linux) [image]
  9. Enter your username and password, click the Test button to ensure it is correct, then click Ok to close the window [image]
  10. Read the Thunderbird Add-on User Guide