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We understand that people are very protective of their privacy in relation to their email, as such I believe it is necessary to state how the DOEmail project stands in relation to the privacy of its users. DOEmail is first and foremost a research project. As such we are examining the way the system is interacted with to determine trends, and look for ways to improve the general knowledge in this area of anti-spam research. I (David Erickson) am the sole developer on the DOEmail project, and also the only person with access to the underlying database and email that enters and exits the system. The only occasion that an email has had to be manually inspected was if it broke some section of the parsing engine, and thus far without exception I have only had to examine the headers to determine the problem. As this system has now been in use for over a year it has become an increasingly rare event that an email ever breaks the engine. In this regard there ought to be no concern in your mind that your email will be examined by anyone.

In regards to publishing information learned from this project, it is our intention to only publish overall trends and information learned from the system. We would not release any information about a specific user to the general public without his/her specific consent.

In conclusion, this project and its success depends completely on you as its users. Without your support and trust we cannot succeed and further research in this area. If you desire any further clarification or have comments or questions please do not hesitate to email me (David Erickson) at